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We offer product design, engineering and manufacturing management services for inspiring new businesses. The Philosophy of St. Philomena’s College of Nursing and School of Nursing, developed by the faculty in congruent with philosophy and mission statement of the Sisters of JMJ and is in accord with Catholic Philosophy, which manifests Love, Care, Share, Justice and truth for the people we serve and with whom we work.

  • God Creates Each Person With A Mortal Body And Immortal Soul Whose Ultimate Aim Is Eternal Salvation
  • Each person born with intellect and full will has personal dignity and natural rights with associated responsibilities of God, human kind and society.
  • Health is a dynamic state in which the individual adapts to an internal and external environment so that there is a state of physical, emotional, intellectual ,social and spiritual well being.
  • Society has the responsibility to provide a health care system, which is responsive to changing knowledge, technology and human resources and is accessible to its members.
  • Professional nursing is an art and applied sciences, which builds on behavioral natural and social sciences. Nursing utilizes selected concepts, theories and principles in the implementation of the Nursing process
  • Nursing education imparts sound Religious, Mental, Moral, Social and Physical growth, based on the principles of Christian faith to the members of the Community.
  • Caring is an essential element of both the art and science of nursing. Caring is a helping relationship which is influenced by cultural and spiritual values which promotes growth and self actualization of the client and the nurse.
Our Great Vision

A Center for excellence in nursing education, which is geared towards the preparation of creative caring, competent and dedicated nursing professionals to meet the needs of the society by an expression of Christian concern for the sick and suffering.

Our Great Mission

To bear witness to Christ’s compassionate love with a sensitive heart and to render selfless, efficient and comprehensive nursing care to the poorest and most abandoned among the sick.

  • Vision

  • Mission

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Sr. Dr. Mary Veronica Pitt ,


In 1951,

Sr. Dr. Pitt started Midwifery Training for the under privileged girls in the locality.


In 1965,

this developed into Auxiliary Nurse Midwifery Training Center.


In 1969, Sr. Marie De Montfort,

the then Superior General, gifted a 100 bedded block for the poor.
The Dr. Pitt’s medical center attracted people from all over the city, and the maternity department of the Hospital records showed more than 3000 births per year.
The hospital has grown up to be a Post Graduate medical training center fulfilling the requirements for accreditation by the Royal College of OBG in UK & Diplomat of the National Board, New Delhi, India.



upgraded to College of Nursing.


2009, started M.Sc

Nursing programme.
Medical surgical Nursing (5 seats).
Mental health Nursing (5 seats).


In 2010 started

OBG Nursing(4 seats).